About Us – Overview

COFI companies operate more than 60 production facilities in the interior of British Columbia.

The Council of Forest Industries is the voice of the BC interior forest industry.
COFI works with governments, communities, organizations and individuals to ensure that forest policies in BC support the forest sector and, as a result, those who are dependent on the sector for business income or family supporting jobs. We work within the national and international (Japan, China, Korea) Canada Wood partnership to improve market access at home and overseas and to increase demand for our members’ products.
We are an industry in transition making the move to increasing use of technology, new systems such as six story wood buildings and more biomass based products such as bioenergy.

Our members range from large integrated global scale public companies to medium sized family owned operations to smaller independent niche players. They produce a range of products including lumber, pulp and paper, panels and engineered wood in over 60 facilities located throughout the interior. All aspects of our members’ operations from forestry to production to sales are recognized as world class. We are recognized for our sustainable forest practices, cost competitiveness and support for green buildings.

Ensuring that national, provincial and local government policy makers are well-informed about the value of BC’s forest resources and BC’s forest industry and its contribution to government revenue, provincial gross domestic product and family incomes is a key component of sustainability for our industry and for communities throughout BC. Through our forest education program, annual convention and community relations work we keep stakeholders informed about BC’s forest resources and forestry issues.