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COFI and some of its partner organizations have developed detailed resources for teachers to use in the classroom. COFI’s Forest Education Manager is a certified teacher in BC and provides support to teachers who want to include these resources in their curriculum.

teaching-resourcesSecondary School Resources

1. Sustainable Forest Management in British Columbia: A Secondary School Teacher’s Resource

Suitability: Science 10, Social Studies 10, Sustainable Resources 11 & 12, Geography 12, BC First Nations 12

Sustainable forest management seeks to conserve the natural biodiversity, productivity and ecosystem health of BC’s forests while still providing for ongoing economic and social needs of British Columbians. This resource kit examines the importance of our forests, the various values we place on our forests, and how our forest management activities are driven by laws that reflect public values, making BC a world leader in forest management practices.

2. Climate Change: Our Forests, Our Future

Suitability: Science 10, Earth Science 11, Social Studies 11, Geography 12 and Sustainable Resources 11 & 12

Our climate is changing and we know that we must work together to mitigate its effects in any way we can. This teaching resource highlights how our forests and the wood products that we produce from our forests play a key role in modifying the effects of climate change. It provides classroom project ideas to stimulate discussion and activities students can do at school and at home.

3. British Columbia’s Mountain Pine Beetle: Today and Tomorrow – The Changing Landscape of BC’s Interior Pine Forests

Suitability: Science 8, Social Studies 10, Biology 11, Geography 12, Forests 11/12

4. BC Forest Products for the World

Suitability: Social Studies 10, Economics, Marketing 11/12, Forestry 11, Sustainable Resources 11/12

With over 80% of all BC wood products destined for international markets, the importance of maintaining and growing these markets is critical to the forest industry and to BC’s economy. This new teaching resource will examine the development of BC’s forest industry, its dependence on international markets and the challenges and opportunities the forest industry faces in maintaining markets in Asia.

Elementary School Resources

1. Climate Change and Our Forests

Suitability: Grades 5-7

Learn how climate change is affecting our forests and how our forests and the wood products we produce from our forests hold the key to mitigating the effects of climate change. Students will have fun calculating how environmentally friendly their school is and calculating their own home’s carbon footprint.

2. BC’s Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic: Today and Tomorrow

Suitability: Grades 4-7

Learn all about the causes and effects of BC’s mountain pine beetle epidemic.

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Secondary Resources:

 Climate Change: Our Forests, Our Future British Columbia’s Mountain Pine Beetle BC Forest Products for the World

Elementary Resources:

 Climate Change: Our Forests, Our Future BC’s Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic

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