Other Markets


Europe has a long history with B.C. lumber. Today, Europe is B.C.’s fifth largest overseas market after China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. EU imports of softwood lumber recovered in 2010, but imports from B.C. increased only slightly over 2009 to about 233,000 m³.

COFI in the UK closely monitors codes and standards as well as support to industry, trade, specifiers, designers and the public.



There is growing interest from the B.C. lumber industry to expand business with India. Although lumber shipments to India are small, export figures are increasing rapidly. In 2011, imports have grown more than 500% thanks to India’s amendment of its plant-health import restrictions which now allow SPF and Cedar. India is traditionally a hardwood market and it will take time for customers to appreciate the differences of softwood. COFI is closely monitoring trade with India and is hopeful that India will become another market for BC lumber.