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Letter to the Editor – “Shaken, not stirred!”

February 3, 2017

Gordon Hoekstra’s article in the February 2nd Vancouver Sun entitled: “U.S. expert warns B.C. of potential earthquake risk to wood-frame homes” is misleading in some aspects and requires a response.

First, extensive on-the-ground research in Japan post-quake revealed a very different picture than presented in this article.  Following the magnitude 7.3 Kumamoto Japan quake, the Japan 2X4 Homebuilders’ Association physically surveyed 2,940 modern wood-frame residences in the region.  97.3% exhibited no or very light cosmetic damage.

After the historic 2011 magnitude 9.0 Tohoku quake, survey results of 20,895 modern wood-frame homes indicated that 94% suffered no damage or cosmetic damage only, 5% were damaged but repairable, and 1% destroyed.  However, of the 1% destroyed, none were due to seismic force. It was tsunami or fire from adjacent buildings that were the causes.  Therefore, none of the wood-frame houses inspected in two seismic events suffered collapse due to earthquake motion.

These recent seismic events in Japan have validated the structural integrity of modern wood construction and effectiveness of applicable codes.  In fact, the Japanese Ministry of Infrastructure, Land and Transport (MLIT) commissioned post-mortem studies and concluded that no amendments to current codes were required.

Japan, like many jurisdictions, has progressively improved its building codes to the point that modern wood construction is demonstrably safe and preferred by consumers as a result.

Signed by:

Michael Giroux, Canadian Wood Council

Derek Nighbor, Forest Products Association of Canada

Rick Jeffery, Coast Forest Products Association

Susan Yurkovich, Council of Forest Industries



COFI attends Sino-Canadian Wood Conference as part of 2016 Forestry Asia Trade Mission

November 30, 2016

COFI CEO Susan Yurkovich, along with Minister Thomson and John Koziji of Natural Resources Canada, present a plaque to the Japan 2x4 Home Builders Association to commemorate their 40th anniversary

COFI CEO Susan Yurkovich, along with Minister Thomson and John Koziji of Natural Resources Canada, present a plaque to the Japan 2 x 4 Home Builders Association 

COFI President and CEO Susan Yurkovich joins Minister Steve Thomson and more than 25 forestry executives on a Forestry Trade Mission to Japan and China from Nov. 24 to Dec. 3.

As part of the Forestry Trade Mission Susan Yurkovich attended the second annual Sino-Canada Wood Conference in Shanghai on November 30 and moderated an industry panel that discussed topics affecting the Chinese wood industry.

“The Sino-Canadian Wood Conference provides an opportunity for B.C. forest industry executives to hear directly from our Chinese customers about their business and competitive environment. This information will help us as we continue to grow the market for B.C. wood products in China and to explore and enter new market segments,” says Yurkovich.

The theme of the conference was “Wood products for a greener future,” with speakers highlighting how B.C. is well positioned to provide forest products to China and promoting the use of sustainable wood products for multi-level construction.

The conference also included 50 professors and students who were competing in the first annual Chinese University Timber Structure Competition. With the goal to encourage the next generation of wood engineers and designers, this competition provides an opportunity for architecture and engineering students from timber design courses at eight Chinese universities to cultivate an appreciation for and interest in wood design.

A submission to the Chinese University Timber Structure Competition.

A submission to the Chinese University Timber Structure Competition.

For more information visit the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources news page at

Changes to Forest Revenue Accounts and New eTaxBC Online Services

January 7, 2016

The B.C. Government has provided the following summary of important changes that will be happening as of February 15, 2016.

New Online Services

Individuals and businesses will be able to enroll to access our online services called eTaxBC. eTaxBC allows enrolled users to access and update their account information, correspond securely with us and make payments online.

Information about how to enroll for access to eTaxBC will be sent to individuals and businesses on February 15, 2016 with their first Billing Notice.

New Billing Notice

As of February 15, 2016, individuals and businesses will receive Billing Notices. Billing Notices will be issued one day after invoices are sent and will show details about the items invoiced.

If an individual or business has multiple locations, their Billing Notice will be sent only to the address they have indicated as their main location. To change their main location address, they can contact us toll-free at 1-877-405-4911 or at 250-387-3376 in Victoria.

Statements of Account

Statements of Account will now be issued on the 23rd of each month and mailed to the main location address.

All amounts owing will be shown on the Statement of Account and listed by the date shown on the original invoice. Statements will show all non-tax debts in one place, including those not related to stumpage, such as waste permits.

Changes to Accounts

New Account Numbers
As part of our system update, individuals and businesses will automatically be assigned a new account number for their Forest Revenue account.

Individuals and businesses will find their new account number on their first Billing Notice.

New Interest Cycle

The date on the Billing Notice starts the monthly interest cycle.

Individuals and businesses will have 30 days from the date on their Billing Notice to pay their balance. If the full balance is paid on or before the 30 days, no interest will be added to their account. Interest is calculated starting on the date of the Billing Notice and will be added to unpaid balances on day 31.

Credit Refunds

If an individual or business has a credit balance on their account, it will be refunded after 90 days. If they want to receive their credit refund sooner, they can make a request by contacting us at Credits can no longer be transferred between accounts for different businesses.

Learn More

Individuals and businesses can register for a free webinar to learn more about the upcoming changes and how they will be affected. Space is limited, so we recommend registering early.

If you have questions about any of the changes outlined above, contact us at by email at or call us toll-free at 1-877-405-4911 or at 250-387-3376 in Victoria.

Happy Anniversary!

December 7, 2015


COFI is excited to be able to wish two of our member companies a very happy anniversary on the occasion of two significant dates.

The Domtar pulp mill in Kamloops marks its 50th year of operation this week. The Kamloops facility employs more than 325 people, and the operation supports another 200 transportation jobs delivering fiber to the mill. Today, 22 sawmills in the region supply fiber to the operation, demonstrating that the revolutionary concept of using sawmill waste as raw material for making pulp still makes sense 50 years later.

Ten years before Domtar’s mill fired up, the Ketchum brothers of Quesnel started West Fraser Mills. Sixty years later West Fraser Timber is one of the largest forest companies in North America, and they’ve been celebrating all over the province (above, Quesnel celebration). In Chetwynd alone, over 1,000 people turned out for the anniversary celebrations of the West Fraser mill there, which has been operating for 36 years.