Wood First / Green Building

Wood is an obvious choice for green building in British Columbia and around the world.

Protect our environment and grow our economy by building with wood

Wood is an obvious choice for green building in British Columbia and around the world.  In BC we are blessed with abundant forest resources, which cover over half of our land mass.  As world leaders in forest product exports, sustainable forestry and high tech production facilities we can support our economy as well as the environment by promoting building green.

Through the Wood First Initiative, BC is building a wood culture, where the world sees us as leaders in building with wood, where we produce competitive products and building systems and where we embrace wood as our first choice and best value building material. We do it to support our stewardship of vibrant, healthy sustainable forests.

As of November 2011, 40 BC communities have adopted Wood First commitments, reconfirming their connection to the forest industry and the environment.  This commitment underlines a community’s desire for maximum use of wood in civic projects, which ultimately builds current and future prosperity for citizens by stimulating local wood industries and increasing local jobs

Wood has many attributes that make it an obvious choice for green building. It grows naturally, using energy from the sun, and is the only major building material that’s renewable, re-usable and sustainable. When considered over its life cycle, wood outperforms both steel and concrete in terms of embodied energy, air and water pollution, and other environmental impacts. It contributes to a building’s energy efficiency, has an important role to play in the fight against climate change by sequestering carbon, and contributes to indoor air quality.

After decades or even centuries of use, wood buildings can be easily adapted or deconstructed and reused, which means they can continue to store carbon indefinitely. The world is full of examples of ancient, wood-frame buildings that remain structurally sound. Extended service life is one of the major advantages wood offers as a building material.

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