(Vancouver, B.C.) – The BC Council of Forest Industries issued a statement today expressing significant concern about the impact of rail transport disruptions from the strike at CN Rail.  

90% of the forest products we produce are sent to export markets in North America and around the world,” said Susan Yurkovich, President & CEO of the BC Council of Forest Industries.  We rely on critical transportation infrastructure and reliable rail service to get our products to market and serve our customers. 

A disruption of this critical transportation network will adversely impact BC forest companies at a time when we are already facing significant challenges and increasing competition from around the globe,” added Yurkovich. “It will create further hardship for the workers and communities who are already feeling the impacts from mill closures and curtailments.”  

“Forest products make up about 10% of all rail traffic that moves through Western Canada, and in many cases, our members’ operations are in areas where rail service is the only economic transport option,” added Yurkovich. “We urge all parties to find immediate resolution.” 



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