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Forestry is an industry in transition in British Columbia, and managing through this transition will require collective effort.

With the right choices, we believe we can achieve a globally competitive forest sector that is a model for the world in product innovation, technological advances, and environmental care — one that all British Columbians can be proud of.

Industry is setting out its vision for what the future could be, and the ideas and actions to help get us there. The 60 choices for a better future are outlined in five major areas:

  • Invest in, and protect, our working forest land base
  • Have smart rules that protect the environment and encourage investment
  • Strengthen participation of Indigenous peoples and partnerships with communities
  • Double down on market and product diversification
  • Be the global hub for expertise in low-carbon, green building

To learn more, see our full report with all 60 recommendations.

BC’s forest industry is a world leader in sustainable forestry and is one of the most significant economic drivers in the province. Learn more about how the industry is adapting, evolving and innovating by visiting the insights and resources below.


Stronger Together

We are pleased to advise you that the BC Council of Forest Industries [COFI] and the Coast Forest Products Association [CFPA] have decided to come together as one organization to create a stronger, unified voice for the B.C. forest industry. The forest industry has...

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